“It All Began With Mom ...”

Kevin Weber's mother needed to update her business' website. She didn't know HTML. She didn't know what a pixel was. She didn't care, because she had a business to run. So she hired web designers, and it got expensive. To help her out, Kevin started updating her website for her. Kevin's mother knew exactly what she wanted, but needed Kevin to help her.

Kevin felt that his mother should be able to update her own website on her own. After looking at different small business website services with his mother, they found none of them quite met her needs. Kevin and Cathy started Site Kitchen with helping people like his mother in mind.

Kevin's mother now updates her own website ... and is very proud of her son.

Meet the Founders

Kevin Weber, Ph.D.

Kevin Weber

Kevin is a graduate of UC Davis and holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University. Kevin started working on Site Kitchen in his basement in 2010.

If you want to talk to Kevin, you can call him at (888) 869-0978. He loves to talk about web design and his vegetable garden. When not working on Site Kitchen, he can often be found in his vegetable garden. Be sure and ask him about his tomatoes.

Cathy Reed Weber

Cathy Weber

Cathy is a Texas native and a graduate of Texas A&M University - Commerce. She has been Kevin's better-half for over a decade and a professional writer since 1985. She is currently using her talents as Site Kitchen's marketing guru.

When not dreaming up amazing marketing plans, Cathy enjoys multimedia art and cooking. She is also the publisher/editor of an e-zine released 3 times a year.

Site Kitchen is the primary focus of the CR & K Group, LLC.