You want to build a great website? Site Kitchen delivers.

Easy To Use

Focus on your business, not your website.
Fast and Easy to Use

If you can send an email, you can build a webpage using Site Kitchen's unique editor. Easily add rich text, images, galleries, menus, and much more.

Focus on your business, not your website.

Time is precious and you know what you want your website to look like, but don't want to deal with the complicated set-up. With Site Kitchen, if you can click a mouse and send an email, you can create a professional website with little effort. Site Kitchen takes care of your website, so you can take care of your business.


Site Kitchen designs themes using internet "best practices" to achieve optimal form and function; so each theme is professional, designed to be eye-pleasing and highly usable.

Do you want a custom theme? Contact Site Kitchen and we'll create a unique theme to meet your requirements.


Site Kitchen is packed with useful tools. You can customize and extend your website however you want.

  • Share your latest thoughts with the blogging module.
  • Show off photos of your creations with Site Kitchen's gallery tool.
  • Site Kitchen is constantly researching and developing new tools to enhance your website.

Marketing Tools

Let Site Kitchen's marketing tools help you grow your website and your business.
Search Engine Optimization

You've got a friend with Site Kitchen. We've built Search Engine Optimization (SEO) directly into your website. Site Kitchen's SEO makes it easier for you to reach the top of the search engine rankings with everything from custom meta tags to an automatically generated xml sitemap.


A powerful search engine is fully integrated into your website. Your visitors will be able to easily find what they want all from within your website.

Integrated with social media

Site Kitchen integrates with popular social media websites to allow you to hook your webpage into Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, or others.

Web Analytics

Know who is visiting your website. At a glance you'll know:

  • The number of visitors you've had
  • Which links they clicked on
  • How long they stayed

Site Kitchen is fully integrated with Google Analytics, a real-time, world-class analytics solution you will learn to love.

Great Technology

Site Kitchen is built upon world-class technology designed to give you the best website possible.
Lightning Fast Servers

Site Kitchen uses Rackspace servers hosted on the cloud to guarantee high availability and uptime. With over 12 years experience, Rackspace is a world-class provider of enterprise-level hosting.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Site Kitchen is committed to providing clients with the best technology available. Site Kitchen utilizes the Akamai CDN to serve files around the world. A CDN is a worldwide system of servers designed to deliver your webpage lightning fast while unnoticed by visitors to your website.

Custom Domain Names

A custom domain name, such as "", allows customers to easily recognize your website. Site Kitchen includes a custom domain name free with each account.

Custom Email Addresses

Further establish your brand identity with a custom email address, such as "". Each Site Kitchen account with a custom domain name has 10 free mailboxes included. Additional mailboxes can be purchased.

Constantly improved

Monthly updates ensure that your webpage is always using the latest methods and technology. New themes are released with each update. With Site Kitchen your website will always be ahead of the curve.

No Worries

Site Kitchen takes the worry out of your website.
Unlimited bandwidth

Never run out of bandwidth again! You will never see a huge bandwidth bill from Site Kitchen, because unlimited bandwidth is included with every Site Kitchen account.

Unlimited filespace

Upload as many files as you need with Site Kitchen. Does your website have hundreds of images? Do you have many PDFs? Site Kitchen provides you with plenty of filespace capable of holding all your images and files.


Site Kitchen saves each and every change you make to your website. Forever. Make a mistake and need to undo your changes? No problem. Every change you make to your website is saved and is available through our simple and intuitive administration interface. Versioning is just another reason why Site Kitchen stands tall above the competition.

Great Customer Service

Site Kitchen gives you the support you need and want.
Customer service you need

At Site Kitchen, our principle concern is you – which means we want to be there when you need us. We offer person-to-person customer service where you speak directly to co-founder and developer, Kevin Weber. You get expert advice and the help you need for the problems you encounter.

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